Decorating Your Home with Duck Tape

decorating your home

If your home is feeling a bit tired and dull, giving it a much needed update could be a lot cheaper and more stylish than you may think…
We have teamed up with Duck Tape for their top tips on how to redecorate your home and add a personalised touch using their unique products. From colourful wall decals to cosy seat cushions, these DIY home décor crafts are just waiting to be tried…

Duck Tape Butterfly Wall Decals

Duck Tape offers strength, style and brilliant adhesion, which is ideal for all types of household decorating. These butterfly wall decals will inspire visitors and add a touch of fun to your walls. This beginner level activity is quick and simple, only taking around twenty minutes to complete.

Duck Tape Honeycomb Vase

With geometric shapes being very ‘on trend’ why not create a stylish honeycomb design vase? These would suit a modern kitchen or a retro living room. This project is fast and fun way to revamp an old vase. The good news is that it has a craft time of only twenty five minutes.

Seat Cushion

Creating a Duck Tape Seat Cushion is another really simple craft project that can really help to transform a living space. You can choose any colours or patterns for your cushion to suit your décor.
A combination of patterns and contrasting vibrant colours, along the cushion edging looks very effective.

Decorative Mirror

Duck Tapes offer a huge range of coloured, glittered, metallic, and themed adhesive tapes. These area fantastic way to revamp many housed objects, including an old mirror. This project has been classed at an intermediate craft level, as it takes slightly longer than the projects above. However the results are well worth the time and effort.

Because there is such a wide range of Duck Tape colours, prints and patterns to choose from, you can theme your home décor crafts to match any room in your home…even your bathroom can benefit because all of their tapes are wipe-able and waterproof!

zebra duck tape

by Sally Williams

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