What Is Square Meal?

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This was going to be a blog about a wedding but it’s ended up being a paeon to Square Meal! So what is Square Meal? Read on …

Over the past few years the make-up of our household has changed significantly.  Just over a decade ago we had 5 children living in our house on an on-off basis. Now with the youngest being 24 and the eldest not too far off 30, our life is very different. 

What with five 18th birthdays,  five 21st birthdays, two 50th birthdays, various engagements and marriages, a new grandson and a few 80th birthday celebrations too, we seem to be permanently booking something or other!

What is square meal

Once upon a time way back in the 80s, I had a job in a hotel as a Sales Manager.  As such, booking weddings and various other celebrations was part of my remit. Booking things for yourself is a very different ballgame though.

I tend to suffer hugely from cantmakemymindupitis.  The more options I have, the harder it is for me. Our oldest daughter Helena got married in Santorini and used a wedding planner.  She kept her numbers quite small and it made perfect sense. The admin and red tape associated with getting married abroad was all sorted out by a local who spoke Greek.

Since then we’ve had weddings in Cardiff, Edinburgh and The Bahamas and there’re more to come no doubt.

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Going from site to site looking at various party and eating-out options can be a right nightmare for someone like me, who is pretty much rubbish at making final decisions. I sometimes end up with about 20 tabs open at any one time. Ridiculous, I know. And I wonder why my laptop’s running too slowly!

What is Square Meal?

Finding one restaurant and venue website where I can see lots of different options for booking a family get-together has been a revelation to me. The Square Meal website has had a fantastic revamp and it’s dead easy to navigate too.  Always a bonus! You can find wedding venues, party venues, local restaurants … You name it and you’ll find it. Easy-peasy!

The other day we fancied going out for a meal before going to The Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay. Now as you know, that short window of time before a play starts is difficult to book in most restaurants. Let’s be fair, restaurants can only fit in so many people at the same time. And when everyone wants to eat and leave before 7.30, it can be a very busy time.

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Rather than make a zillion phone calls to different eateries, I simply went on Square Meal and typed in Cardiff after clicking on restaurants.   I chose the place I wanted, picked my time and booked. So simple and no faffing around calling restaurants to find out if they had availability.

I’m not saying I’d book this way every time as there are occasions when you do need to speak to someone at the venue beforehand.  However it’s a useful addition to my Contacts list in my phone and one that that I know I’ll use time and time again>

Right, off to book something for Mr C’s birthday next month now.

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