Fifty Plus Dating

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I feel very grateful and very lucky to have a husband of many years.  Mr. W is not only my husband but he’s my best friend too. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend time with which is just as well as we work together in a very small office. I’m not one of those ‘smug marrieds’ by the way, just in case you’re wondering.

50+ Dating

I know a few ladies my age though, who aren’t as lucky. Women, who through circumstance have become single and found themselves back in the dating market after a long marriage or relationship. Once upon a time, women over 50 were almost written off!  As menopause beckoned they became more and more invisible and a new partner seemed an unlikely possibility. Not so much anymore!

Now however it seems that women are pretty much refusing to play ball. We don’t want to be invisible like our mums and Nan’s were. We may be 50+ but hey who cares. Women of a ‘certain age’ don’t have to accept loneliness and single status as a given any more. 

We wear what we want – no beige ‘uniform’ for us. We grow our hair long. We experiment with fashion. We go out and enjoy ourselves and if we fancy company then we know where to look for it.

And whereas back in the day, we may have looked for a new partner through a bog standard dating agency, with online dating, the world’s our oyster! 


Cougar Dating

Fancy a fling with a toy boy then how about a bit of cougar dating ? If it’s one night stands you’re after, then what the hell, go for it! It’s your prerogative. Attitudes have changed big time.  What was once the modus operandi of the young and single is now fair game for us more mature types. Dating is not just about finding a life partner, anymore although that is certainly a possibility.  No if you just want to dip your toes in and have a bit of fun or a few nights out, then so be it. Its up to you! 

A quick look at opens up a myriad of opportunities and adventures. It doesn’t have to be about looking for a new husband or even a boyfriend / manfriend  or partner. I was going to say boyfriend sounds a bit young but many mature women relish the idea of being with a man who finds their age and maturity a turn-on. They love the idea of a no-strings, uncomplicated date with a young man unjaded by life and all it’s thrown at him.

Personally I can’t imagine dating anyone who couldn’t answer the 70s music questions on Popmaster. And then there’s the whole ‘what on earth do you talk about’ thing! But then that’s just me. Bit daft really, not everyone wants conversation. Each to his own and all that malarkey. 

Let’s be fair, it would be a boring world if we all wanted the same from life.

So anyway if you’re considering jumping back on the horse after the end of a long relationship, what I’m trying the say is …. Go for it!

By Sally Williams

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