Ever Heard Of A Roof Tent?

roof tent

As you all know by now, Mr and Mrs C love travelling.  So much so that we took a year out back in 2017 to travel around the world. What a year that was, experiencing life in so many countries. Mr C had wanted to do Route 66 since he was a child so that was number one on the bucket list. We stayed in a combination of hotels, motels and AirBnBs and boy did we rack up some accommodation costs!

Route 66

We talked at the time about hiring a campervan but for logistical reasons it wasn’t possible. We have a few other road trips under our belt now, not least of which was the North Coast 500.  That road trip around the Scottish North Coast was spectacular, it really was. Again we stayed in a combination of different types of accommodation. The most memorable, for all the wrong reasons, was a shed. Let’s say that that AirBnB host was  very economical with the truth when she called it a ‘chalet’!

Achmelvich Beach North Coast 500

The Roof Tent

We tried out a campervan holiday last year and had a whale of time.  Since then however, we’ve discovered the Roof Tent and I genuinely think this is going to change the way we holiday.  A roof tent sits on top of your car. Yup, it’s as simple as that. It’s a box-shaped tent which will keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Now I’m not a fan of bugs or indeed anything that crawls around. And lying on hard, wet ground is most certainly not my idea of fun.  The roof tent even has a memory foam mattress. Are you getting the picture?

If we’d had one of these when we were driving the breadth of The USA, it would have saved us so much money. Imagine parking up in Monument Valley anywhere you want. Surrounded by all that magnificent scenery and sleeping under the stars, Wow! No more checking in to identikit motels with the same old ‘breakfast included’. If I never see another waffle machine as long as I live, it’ll be too soon!

A Car Roof Tent Convert!

All that time-consuming planning for road trips suddenly becomes less of an issue. No more scanning the various hotel/hostel websites, comparing room prices. Indeed no more packing, unpacking and faffing around at the end of every day. Suddenly your boot’s massive again and you can take all the little luxuries, you normally forgo, with you. Win! Win!

The idea of once-in-a-lifetime trips goes out the window when you have a TentBox. Once the roof tent is paid for, the world’s suddenly a much smaller place. As many road trips as you want basically!

To sum up, yes we will still do the occasional All Inclusive Beach Holiday. But getting one of these car roof tents has opened up all manner of possibilities for us. When you know you only have to pay for the crossing over to France, a week driving around Switzerland or Spain suddenly becomes infinitely more affordable! So where shall we go next?

soft shell roof tent

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