What Is Hemp Oil and How Do You Use It?

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD is one of the most popular vaping products on the market, in part because of the calming effects it has when recreationally used. With CBD vape oil, the cannabis plant extract is completely legal too. It avoids the more psychoactive effects of THC, the chemical in cannabis which is illegal in many countries.

As more and more companies invest in CBD as a unique mood lifter and supplement, there has been a drastic explosion in the variety of ways you can ingest cannabidiol. One such way is through UK CBD Hemp Oil, a unique oil which can be used in a variety of ways.

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Hemp Oil is a unique mixture of hemp extracts and oil bases, creating a formula which works as a tincture, oral and skin treatment. Whilst the oil can be applied to a range of products, it’s tincture form is thought to be the most effective, and uses the CBD hemp extract to produce a wide variety of positive effects.

Working as one of 120 different types of cannabinoid, CBD is a unique chemical that affects the bodies central nervous system, promoting calming effects and a variety of health benefits in the body.

How Do You Use CBD Hemp Oil??

The most direct method of ingesting CBD is through droplets directly onto the tongue. Dropping the oil directly onto the tongue, you should let it soak in to let it infuse into your bloodstream. There is no known “dosage”, so the amount you administer is entirely up to you. This will vary from person to person, and so be careful and use with caution.

Can I Use It in Other Ways?

Yes, you can, but to lesser effect than the tincture droplet method. Whilst ingesting CBD in your food and drink may taste nice and give you similar effects, the potency may be lessened by the fact that it is absorbed slowly by the digestive tract. With that in mind, it’s all about what works for you. Many CBD supplements are more practical for people to use than the oil, especially if you don’t like the idea of dropping a strange tasting oil on your tongue every day.

Vaping CBD is a more effective method of application, but again the lungs absorb it, so is less of an immediate hit. With the many vaping products on the market alongside dry leaf CBD infused hemp, there’s plenty of variety for you to explore, more so than the oils at least.

So it’s up to you really, if it’s practicality over potency that you’re after, then CBD gummies or edibles will be to your liking, whilst oils and vaping will have a more noticeable effect.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Whilst research is still young, the known side effects are not thought to be very extreme. CBD can act as a diuretic and can lead to weight loss or weight gain depending on the person.

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