Modern Flooring Options

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If you would like to change the decor in your home, consider using one of the modern flooring options. Flooring is a fundamental part of decorating a home. The quality of the flooring materials are crucial. And it’s important to note that not all flooring options are ideal for every room in your home.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a flooring material is their colour, humidity, hardness, and resistance. The most common types of floors that you will find in the market include ceramic, wood, smooth, marble, and polished cement. 

Modern flooring options

Some of the Modern Flooring Options.

Engineered Wood 

The flooring type looks like solid wood but is a different construction. Engineered wood is made of natural wood and contains several layers of plywood. It is a sturdier and cheaper option when compared to solid wood floors. There are several types of engineered wood floors, which vary depending on the type of wood used, the patterns, and width. 

Some types of engineered wood are made of a mixture of recycled wood fibre and stone dust to improve their stability. You can install it by nailing, gluing, or floating them on top of a form. Some designs do not require the use of glue or nails as they are fitted with special tongue and groove systems that click into place during installation.

Easy to Install

The design of most engineered wood floors makes it easy to install directly over concrete subfloors. Some of them have a flat surface and that allows homeowners to install them on top of old hardwood floors without ripping them out. 

Another benefit of using engineered wood floors is that they are less sensitive to weather conditions, such as temperature and humidity, than  wood floors. Therefore, they can be used in basement rooms in your home. 

Ceramic Tiles

The floors are made from a mixture of clay and shale. It is an ideal choice if you need a hard floor in your home. It is a popular flooring option because it comes in a wide range of colours, shapes, and patterns. There are several types of ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles have a glass-like coating and require low maintenance. Porcelain ceramic tiles are extra-hard, stain-resistant, and are ideal for outdoor rooms. 

laminate floor

Laminate Flooring

Just like engineered wood floors, this type of flooring is made of several layers of plywood and thin veneer. The top layer of this type of floor contains a photograph under a plastic coating. The floor can be designed to look like any flooring material. Most laminate floors can be floated over an old flooring without using nails or glue, and this saves time used during installation.

Vinyl Floors

It is one of the most resilient modern flooring options. It is flexible and feels softer underfoot than wood floors or ceramic tiles. The main ingredients for the floor include polyvinyl chloride and felt. Some vinyl floors are designed using a layer of foam to make them comfortable to walk on while others are thick to make them look like wood or stone. 

Prices and quality of vinyl flooring may vary accordingly. For example, the cost of installing karndean flooring is often higher than more standard vinyl options, as it is considered a more luxury type of vinyl flooring.

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