Route 66 – Over the Hump

Monument Valley in the Morning

Gallup was an unremarkable pivotal point in our Route 66 journey.  Our trip switched from a westerly route to a northerly diversion off route.  It had been our intention all along to head up into Utah to see the landscapes that had featured on so many books, films, album covers, postcards etc..It's funny how different it becomes leaving one of the main trunk roads and

Route 66 – The Middle Bit

Heading West on Route 66

The opinions and experiences recorded below are completely my own but this is a sponsored post brought to you by Oklahoma behind us, we got back onto Route 66 to see what 'the middle bit' had to offer.  An overnight stop in Elk City on the western fringes of Oklahoma was the start of our journey over the plains; miles and miles of flat, straight

Route 66 – The First Few Days

Bridge at St Louis

To a soundtrack of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and other stalwarts of the soft-rock world on ‘The Bridge’ at Sirius XM, we mosied on down Route 66, stopping off to take pics of 1920s petrol pumps and to drink coffee in diners which looked like they hadn't changed one iota since the late 60s.Other than a simple stop over in a little hotel outside

Chicago – The Windy City

The incredible Chicago Skyline

After a night spent on the outskirts of Detroit in the Hilton Garden Inn in Novi, it was time to venture even further west to Chicago.  The journey down through Michigan State was quite entertaining, with us marvelling at place names like Climax, in Kalamazoo County, Sprinkle, Springfield (about the fourth one of those since Cape Cod… and still no Homer Simpson!), Valparaiso and Gary.This was