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Aberaeron Harbour Helen Elliot

This calendar has got to be in the running for the best calendar ever! I was having a look around for a new 2016 calendar and I’ve seen nothing as vibrant and distinctive as this one by Helen ElliottHelen Elliott CalendarYes it’s £13 but to me that’s a bargain as I know that as each month comes to an end, I’ll be able to frame the image for that month and lo and behold I’ll have a fab new pic for one of the many walls in the house that could do with brightening up.

I’m from Wales anyway and Helen’s prints of Aberaeron, Tenby and various other seaside towns make me want to go back and revisit places I regularly used to holiday in when my children were younger. Last year we went to Lisbon and Crete but this year a ‘staycation’ is looking very appealing.

Tenby Beach Helen Elliott

My oldest daughter Helena was very taken with this picture below called Nine Sheep Nine Sheep Helen Elliottand it’s now adorning a wall in the hall of her house in Aberdeen. I suspect Helen will be getting a few orders from that neck of the woods before long!

Helen’s pictures of boats, beaches and winding terraced houses are amongst my favourites but if it’s village scenes you’re after or even people and dogs, then you need look no further. You can even find prints of France on her site.

…..so anyway I’m off to order my amazing new calendar right now………

See ElliottArt.net/

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