Royal Ascot In A Global Pandemic!

Ascot 2020

We’ve all been living in Lockdown for so long now that I’ve almost forgotten what life used to be like. Popping into coffee shops for a leisurely Flat White is one of the things I’ve been missing most. Our bank balance tells a different story. Who knew we used to spend so much money on nothing in particular! Even without a regular income we seem to be managing ok as there’s nowhere really to go and spend your money.

The New Normal

The ‘New Normal’ is all about being outside enjoying the fresh air and not aimlessly wandering about shopping centres buying stuff you don’t really need. I know we can spend to our heart’s content online but it’s not quite the same is it.


I’ve spent way more time reading than usual as all of a sudden I have more time. Being an empty-nester, we have no children at home to home-school and working as a freelancer is slow to say the least right now. My Pain Management Consultant has spent years telling me to ‘pace’ and now at last I’ve got the hang of it. It’s not rocket-science. I have suffered with chronic pain for 14 years now. 14 long and often unpleasant years. Some of the things I do make the pain worse. Having the time and opportunity to pace myself means that I can stop and be mindful. In a nutshell, I can slow down before the pain becomes unmanageable.

Royal Ascot

Like everyone else I’ve become very aware of how many events have been moved online during the COVID19 outbreak. Concerts (Take That anyone?), plays, work meetings, family get-togethers etc. After the chaos which ensued the Cheltenham Gold Cup, even events like Royal Ascot can be watched and enjoyed safely online. Ascot Live Streaming means that you can still watch the races and bet on them if you want.

Royal Ascot 2020

A few friends of mine are going to be having an Ascot Ladies’ Day at home on Zoom. They’re dressing up in their Sunday Best, hats and fascinators aplenty. Quaffing champagne will be almost compulsory and I’m fairly sure they’ll have as much fun as the real thing. At least they won’t be stuck in traffic jams to get out of the carpark at the end of the day. And when their super high heels are hurting, then they can kick them off without anyone noticing. Win, Win!

horse racing Ascot

I’ve never been to Ascot or indeed any other horse races but I’m sorely tempted to take a look this time around. I may even open a bottle of Prosecco, peruse Today’s Racecards and Results and have a little flutter.

We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic and the News is all doom and gloom. Royal Ascot offers us a bit of escapism so why not take a look. I’m all netflixed out on crime dramas so it’ll make a pleasant change having something different to watch. I may even make a day of it with my daughters and wear my mother-of-the-bride wedding fascinator again. Pics to follow……

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