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The Library of Fragrance perfumesTo me perfume is something I put on everyday and I like to have a few different ones on the go. Once upon a time, perfume was something you had given you as a birthday or Christmas gift and it wasn’t something you just went out and bought for yourself. I suppose if you’re laying out something round the £50 mark for the lovely Estee Lauder Sensuous or significantly more for Chanel ChanceThe Library of Fragrance(my favourite!), then it’s understandable. However for a while now shops on the High Street have been selling their own smell-alike perfumes which are often just as good but come in under a tenner. Popping into Next to buy their Pink or Cashmere perfume is no different to popping into Boots to buy mascara.
I’ve only just heard about The Library of Fragrance, a company which sells over 300 (not a typo!) unique fragrances, 101 of which are available in The UK. All the scents are £15 and all of them can be layered to create other scents so buying three of the fragrances will give you 7 different perfumes. A bargain and fun to boot. My favourite is The Library of Fragrance Clean Skin.The Library of Fragrance Clean SkinIt kind of reminds me of another one of my favourites which is called Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Whenever I wear that I get told I smell ‘lovely and clean’! Bulgarian RoseA strange compliment granted but I get what they mean. Another scent I’ve fallen in love with from The Library of Fragrance is the Bulgarian Rose .
I’m not into heavy floral fragrances at all but this is probably the lightest, freshest rose perfume I’ve ever tried. It’s not at all cloying and headache-inducing like so many others. It’s simply clean, fresh and quite beautiful.

A lot of people I know (men included) will be getting ‘a little something’ from The Library of Fragrance this Christmas from me as I really am quite excited by this site. Now who shall I buy DIRT for or RAIN or Gin & Tonic for that matter?!

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