Win an Ultimate Adventures Smartbox Worth £159.99!

driving experience gift

How would you like to Win an Ultimate Adventures Smartbox worth £159.99 for a man in your life?  It could be a driving experience for your husband, a flying experience for your Dad.  Or it could be any sort of adventure experience for your children’s Dad? Of course you or your children may have a step-father or grandfather you’d like to treat.  Whoever the father

Why I Hate Shopping!

hot air balloon trip

I've always hated shopping.  I don't think I'm alone amongst men either.  The very thought of going into town with the sole objective of 'shopping’ brings me out in a cold sweat.  No, for me there has to be a sole purpose, a project, a single product to buy, or in an extreme case a few products.  Nowadays it's even less necessary to venture onto

Why Experiences are Better than Things!

champagne afternoon tea

As most of you know, Mr. C and I have been 'travelling' this year in a big way. We decided to embark on Our Year Out because we didn't want to be those people who simply left it too late.  We'd sold one of our websites so had a bit of spare cash and taking a gap year seemed like a really good idea. Why should

BuyaGift For Mother’s Day and Donate to Breast Cancer Care

buyagift-superwoman is joining forces with Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Mum of a Kind’ campaign to donate £12.50 from the sale of every Superwoman Smartbox by Buyagift to the charity until the 27th of March.I don't know about you but my Mum always tells me not to bother about Mother's Day and I've been known to say the same thing to my daughters.  The thing is my Mum knows

National Chocolate Week Chocolate Experiences

Chocolate truffles

National Chocolate Week starts next week on the 10th of October. As a self-confessed chocoholic this can only be a good thing although in Kathryn-Land, not many days go by without chocolate in some form passing my lips!  My other weakness is Afternoon Tea so I thought I’d died and gone to Chocolate Heaven when Mr. C told me that he’s booked us in for

Smartbox by BuyAGift

smartbox by buyagift

Ok I know it's only September but an awful lot of people are already starting to think about Christmas. The Season of Good Will & Big Spending!As a Mum I've never left all the spending till Christmas and have always picked things up through the year when I see them. My 'present drawer' (not a drawer incidentally, more of a shelf and two baskets) usually

Christmas Gifts From BuyAGift

Champneys BuyAGift

I've become a big fan recently of giving people 'experiences' rather than actual material gifts. Memories last forever, after all, but a bottle of perfume has all gone in a year and chocolates don't last very long at all.I had a Champagne Afternoon Tea Voucher from BuyAGift for my birthday and Mr. C and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of my daughters, Helena over at

Surprise, Surprise – It’s BuyAGift!

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This Christmas, in true 'Surprise, Surprise' style, embarked on a mission to surprise some real Christmas Heroes with a special gift on their doorstep. The heroes had unknowingly been nominated by a loved one for something they have selflessly done or been through. Buyagift captured their reactions and the reasons why people nominated them in a heart-warming video.5 year old Joel Collins from Romsey was nominated by