Docteur Renaud Carrot Radiance Programme

Docteur Renaud Carrot Radiance ProgrammeAs I’m about to go off to Rome for a 4 Day Break to ‘celebrate’ a very Big Birthday this week, I thought I’d have a go at the Docteur Renaud Carrot Radiance Programme. I’ve got to say that I was kind of expecting wonders from this little pack of very professional and magical looking vials and tubes. Just the name ‘Docteur Renaud’ and COSMETIK with that Teutonic ‘K’ sounds efficient in itself.

The treatment involved 3 steps:
Step 1 : Regenerate! Apply a peeling solution containing soft fruit AHAs with a cotton ball all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 5 mins & then rinse off.
Step 2 : Energize! Apply a concentrate of Vitamin C (10%) to your face and neck but don’t wash off.
Step 3 : Illuminate! Apply a radiance mask containing Carrot all over the face. Leave on for 10 mins then rinse off.

All I can say was that my skin felt good afterwards but the overall effect was no different to when I use a my usual mild facial exfoliater and my usual moisturisers. So nice enough but nothing special, sorry Docteur Renaud!

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