Face Mask Fun

orchid-extract-beauty-maskLast weekend, Mr. C. had the fright of his life after walking into the bedroom to see me practising my ‘mindfulness’ wearing a face mask. And this was no ordinary face mask either as to say I looked like Hannibal Lector at his scariest was an understatement!

It wasn’t one of those sticky masks which set rigid on your face so you have to peel them off, it was more of a Facial Sheet Mask, I suppose. I used the Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask from the Luxury Range at Timeless Truth and it was made from elastic cotton, bio-cellulose and silk fibres. The elasticity ensures that the mask fits perfectly to the Orchid Extract face maskface and neck so that the serum comes into contact with all the contours of the area. Perfect!

Even after the recommended 20 minutes, the mask was still lovely and moist and continuing to hydrate my skin. When I took it off I actually used it to wipe over my arms, legs and chest as a kind of body moisturising treat! My face felt lovely and soft and smooth all day and the next. Not entirely sure I looked radiant or 21 again but hey after my half hour relaxing Me-Time, I definitely felt it!

My mask came from TheBeautyMask.co.uk .


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