Sally Lunn’s Buns

Sally Lun's Buns

Sally Lunn's cinammon bunLovely visit to Bath Christmas Market yesterday ostensibly to buy some last-minute bits & bobs for Xmas but really just to get in the Christmas mood.

It’s one of the best Christmas Markets in The UK but I’ve been to lots of the popular German ones and I think it’s better than many of them.

Sally Lunn’s Buns though was one of the day’s highlights. Apparently it’s one of the oldest houses in Bath so it’s worth a visit for that reason alone. But to be honest history didn’t come into it for me. I had the Cafetiere & Cinammon which was possibly the nicest breakfast I’d ever had. Sally Lunn’s buns have a texture a bit like brioche but taste slightly sweeter. I read that they are the original Bath Buns and mine was served with a kind of light and fluffy cinammon butter bubbling on the top of it! It was so scrummy.

Planning on trying the chocolate one next time.

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