Tesco Bakery Triple Chocolate Cookies

Loving the new cookies coming out of the Tesco Bakery. The flavours include White Chocolate & Cranberry, Triple Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Chunk (YUMMY!!), Milk Chocolate, Oat & Raisin  and Fruit, Nut & Chocolate! At £1.50 for a pack of 4 you can't go wrong. You pay more than that for one cookie in Starbucks!Going up to Tesco for some bits and bobs later - reckon I

Birthday Biscuits

Cupcakes & macaroons are soooo last year!  Birthday Biscuits - that's the way forward. It's Maddie's 21st this weekend and I was flicking through some recipe books looking for the most chocolatey, chocolate cake recipe I could find, when it struck me that I could make a load of fancy Chocolate Chip Cookies instead - way easier, a lot quicker & much more transportable for