Yummy, Scrummy, In my Tummy

Just a few of the culinary delights to pass my lips in March.A couple of Fridays ago, Mr. C and I had some pretty amazing paté called Welsh Dragon's Venison Liver paté with Chilli . It wasn't all hot and spicy but the chilli did have a kind of warming effect. We served it with some Spelt Oat Fingers and some nutty multigrain toast and

Love Is In The Air

John Paul Young has a lot to answer for. I have a constant earworm  at the moment and it's all his fault.Everywhere you go, the shops and restaurants are ablaze with posters and bunting shouting at us that February is the month of love and that, in case we hadn't noticed, it's nearly Valentine's Day.Now I'm romantic and can be very sentimental. I have all