A Facial With A Difference At DestinationSkin Cardiff

Destination Skin

A few weeks ago I went to the DestinationSkin Clinic in Cardiff for a facial and for a few reasons it was completely unlike any facial I’ve ever had before.

The clinic is tucked away on the first floor in Cardiff’s House of Destination SkinFraser and to be honest, you have to know it’s there to find it.

Checking in at the desk was more like going to the dentist or doctor than going for a treatment in a Spa. I was genuinely expecting it to be like a Spa. You know what I mean – all scented candles, dim lighting and relaxing music. Well there was none of that. The mood was more about efficiency and getting the job done rather than lounging about on beanbags, eyes closed drifting in and out of sleep listening to whale-music.

I filled in the requisite forms at the desk and was promptly introduced to my facialist/therapist/beautician – I’m not entirely sure what to call her. What I will do though is start by saying she was probably the best facialist I have ever had. Her name was Stephanie and she was the epitome of efficiency and professionalism.

DestinationSkin CardiffShe took me into her treatment room which was far more medicalised than I was expecting. She asked me a few questions and told me to lie on her couch. I was a bit puzzled as I hadn’t yet been asked to put a towelling dressing gown on and strip to my undies as is usual in most Spas. She explained that DestinationSkin was a medical spa where treatments are performed with medical-grade products as opposed to an airy-fairy type place where everything is a bit more nebulous.

Anyway, fully-clothed I lay on the couch with the lights bright and glaring above me so that Stephanie could take a good look at my skin before starting my Prescription Facial . Rather surprisingly, she asked me if I wanted to keep my eye make-up on in case I wanted to go shopping afterwards. Apparently no end of women come in their lunch-hours and haven’t got much time. I destinationskinwas having a skin treatment on my face and not on my eyes, ergo I could keep my mascara on – Bonus!

She did all the usual cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising with a variety of cosmeceutical products and throughout she kept me informed, telling me what she was doing and why she was doing it. I honestly don’t think any other facialist/therapist over the years has been so informative and up-front about the procedure and the products.

Whatever it was she did, (she must have waved a magic wand or something) my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth afterwards and it genuinely looked much brighter, more hydrated and less tired. Well worth the £50 and I’m tempted to book another appointment for next month sometime.

(Oh and if any management are out there reading this, the DestinationSkin Cardiff member of staff who ‘treated’ me was Stephanie Beere!)

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