A Weekend Break at The Crowne Plaza in Marlow

A weekend in The Crowne Plaza in Marlow might not be everyone’s first choice for a short break but we’ve just come back and had an unexpectedly lovely time. I suppose it was helped by the weather but our first beer in the sunshine on The Terrace overlooking the ornamental lake was probably the best glass of beer all year and I swear I could genuinely feel all the stresses of the working week just fizzle away.

Club RoomJust around the corner from the Aqua Cafe Terrace Bar, a few families were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and lounging on sunbeds whilst their little ones were swimming in the pool. We had a bit of a giggle at one sunbathing ‘lady’ who we suspect was geographically challenged and thought she was on Copacabana Beach! She was wearing a bikini made out of, what I can only describe as, dental floss and bearing in mind that there were 400 guests from an Indian Wedding milling around, it was completely inappropriate for the time and place. Still you have to have something to laugh at when you’re drinking beer!

Luxury SuiteWe ended up being upgraded to a Luxury Suite and our room had a real Wow Factor. Not only was it big and really quite swish but we had our own bit of decking outside complete with seats. The two tellies seemed a bit over the top but I still get excited by white, fluffy bathrobes and fancy toiletries and I wasn’t disappointed here.

The room had absolutely everything and a little bit more. If it wasn’t for the fact that our Air Conditioning was on a go-slow the first night, I’d have said it was more like a 5 Star Crowne Plaza Logohotel to be honest. Our meal in the Glaze Restaurant was lovely but the staff were a tiny bit too attentive for my liking. It’s a difficult one for the staff as some people want to be waited on hand and feet whereas I think others, like us, prefer the more laid-back ‘don’t bother us too much’ approach. Still they were smiley and friendly and at the end of the day they were only doing their job – and very efficiently at that!

I’d never been to Marlow before although I had been to neighbouring Henley on a previous visit. An idyllic walk with an ice-cream that time was marginally spoiled by a three year old feeling and being ‘omelette -sick’ but this time was just perfect. In fact the Crowne Plaza Marlow was pretty much perfect too and if it wasn’t for flipping work I’d go back tomorrow.

Mrs C
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