Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial Spritz – My Beach Essential

Tunisia BeachI’m off to Tunisia tomorrow although I’m officially on holiday from today so I won’t be doing a blog for 10 days or so at least. We’re driving down to Gatwick later this afternoon as we’re staying overnight at The Sofitel on a hotel and personal parking deal with Holiday Extras . It means that we don’t have that awful worry driving down the M4 at stupid o’clock that we’ll be late for check-in etc. and of course we’ll get a good night’s sleep too. The hotel looks really lovely so it’ll be a nice, relaxing start to the holiday with a bit of luck.

I’ve been really ruthless with my packing this year as in the past I have always ended up taking way too many clothes which have remained unworn the entire holiday. And I know I’m not the only one who takes way too much on holiday! Let’s be fair it’s all about what to wear lying around the pool/on the beach all day and what to wear in the evening for dinner. We don’t need much else, do we? Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial SpritzI reckon my toiletries are probably going to weigh more than my clothes although again

I’ve cut down here too and am taking lots of bits and bobs with a dual-purpose.

One of those products is the Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial Spritz which I’ve been trying out in our current heatwave. It doesn’t only hydrate and smell gorgeous – it can also be used to cool you down. At home I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge/cool bag which means it’s nice and cold. A quick spray when I come in from the garden is really refreshing and of course it’s moisturising too.

So when I go down to the pool on Sunday morning at the Hotel El Mouradi Palm Marina in Port El Kantaoui, the Caribbean Essentials Facial Spritz will be in my mini cool bag along with our bottled water, my lip balm & probably my lippy for lunchtime Cocktail O’Clock ………

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