energys resonance – Luxury Skincare?

Last week I tried out a new range of products from Energys. I didn’t just try the cleanser and the moisturiser this time though as I thought I’d see what difference it would make if I did the whole beauty regime from start to finish.
energys resonance range
I used the:
energys resonance skin purity perfect cleanser
energys resonance gentle exfoliant
energys resonance energy gel
energys resonance exquisite eyes
energys resonance essential essence light day cream

(I hate not using capital letters for names of products but as they use the lower case to describe themselves, I felt I should too!)

I hate being negative about stuff I try out and I like to give everything the benefit of the doubt, however, I genuinely have found many other natural beauty products which do a similar job but cheaper and smell much better.

The gentle exfoliant was probably the best of the energys products. Many facial exfoliants make my face feel quite uncomfortable but this one had a lovely texture and my face didn’t feel all tight and red afterwards. The energys resonance essential essence light day cream was a shocker though. Lordy, Lordy did it pong or what?! My daughter had warned me that it didn’t smell very good but that was a gross understatement. I used the moisturiser in the morning and I could smell it on myself ALL DAY! I smelled like a flipping cattle market the entire day. Even my olfactorily-challenged hubby was turning his nose up at me.

So, yes I might buy the exfoliant and even the energys cleanser again but no way will I be going near the day cream as long as I live. Coming up smelling of roses is one thing but cow-poo, that’s another!

PS: One good thing in their favour though….. energys products contain no SLS, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances,  silicon oil, PEG emulsifiers,  paraffin, Vaseline or animal derived ingredients!

Mrs. C

July 2011

Mrs C
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