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heyland and whittle citrus and lavender candleI’ve had a few birthdays to buy for this past month and so I was over-the-moon to find the Love Aroma website. Now it might be just me but I don’t think you can go far wrong buying almost any woman a gift of a candle. (However, if anyone out there reading this wants to buy for me, then avoid anything with jasmine ideally as it gives me a headache. Sorry!) Anyway I digress, after much deliberation, I ended up buying two candles but have ear-marked a few others for the next round of family birthdays and Christmas.

I really like the Heyland & Whittle Citrus & Lavender candle in its lovely on-trend Stoneglow Rose Petal May Chang candletin. It’s pure soy wax and I hope it burns as well as it looks and smells. There’s nothing worse than having a nice stylish scented candle which burns unevenly and ends up looking all lop-sided for its life. Love Aroma claim it will burn evenly so I’ll have to check-in on the birthday-girl in a few weeks time to find out.

The other candle I bought was the Stoneglow Modern Classic Rose Petal & May Chang Tumbler. I particularly love the smell of this one . It’s really quite subtle with just that right hint of rose. It comes in a well stylish box and looks like a luxury product even though it’s only £15.

Love candles, love Love Aroma!

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