Lulu & Boo Organics Multi-Vitamin Face Cream

Lulu & Boo multi vitamin face creamI’ve been trying out a new moisturiser over the past couple of weeks and it’s fair to say that I’m a fan already. It’s the Lulu & Boo Organics Multi-Vitamin Face Cream and it seems to suit my skin right down to the ground.

It’s got a really pleasing texture and I love the fact that it sinks in pretty quickly. There’s nothing worse when you’re in a hurry in the morning than finding you have to wait ages after putting your moisturiser on before you can think about applying any make-up! This is precisely the reason, as you know, that I love the Weleda moisturisers so much!

I was just taking a look at the Lulu & Boo website as I’ve been trying to work out what the moisturiser smells of. I can smell the lavender that’s mentioned in the ingredients list but there’s another fresh, clean scent and I can’t put my finger on it at all. Suffice to say that whatever it is, I like it. I’m not one for over-scented products, equally I find the smell of many organic beauty products off-putting. Lulu & Boo have the balance just right with this cream.

The Lulu & Boo Organics range have none of the usual ‘nasties’ and are hand made in small batches so you know they’re going to be fresh and have a reasonable shelf life. As a bonus, their packaging is fully recyclable too so tick, tick and more ticks! They’ve also won awards galore and  most of their products have been certified organic by the Soil Association.

I’ve got my eye on the Elderflower & Orange Blossom Whipped Hand and Body Cream next!

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