Splendid Santorini

View from Imerovigli

Santorini conjures up lots of images of white stone, blue roof buildings perched precariously on precipitous cliffs overlooking a gigantic water-filled crater.So, we were excited about our forthcoming visit, especially as the reason for the visit was to be there for our daughter’s wedding in Santorini.  It was also going to be as part of a much bigger trip that was going to take in

The Creta Panorama Hotel With First Choice

Just got back from a brill All Inclusive First Choice Holiday at The Creta Panorama in Crete. Never been to Crete before although we've been to Greece a few times now. I was expecting it to be hot obviously but Gordon flippin' Bennett, it was absolutely boiling.Fortunately the hotel had plenty of palm trees under whose leafy shade I could plant my sunbed and just