Tees & Hoodies from Tekkers and Hot Tuna

Tekkers Hoodie

Hot Tuna Purple TeeIconic Aussie label Hot Tuna has arrived in the UK with a bang and fans can now see and buy the coveted AW11 range from www.hot-tuna.com .

Elle Macpherson loves the bang-on-trend brand so much that apparently she joined the the Board of Hot Tuna as an executive director (And she hasn’t even got any teenage children yet!)! Other celebrity fans of the brand include Vanessa (High School Musical) Hudgens, Lily Allen, Hot Tuna Man's TeeLindsay Lohan (Is that really a good endorsement??), Chris Martin and The Saturdays! So if you or more likely your sprogs are into the surfer look, if you’re a skateboarder or just someone who appreciates cool-looking urban prints and high quality Ts then the chances are you’ll love Hot Tuna.

Looking for clothes to buy the boys in the family (17 and 21) for Christmas,  I happened upon Tekkers. Now as Tekkers was a brand I hadn’t actually come across before, I obviously had to do a bit of research and find out what on earth tekkers meant!  Where better than the Urban Dictionary ? It’s a sport’s brand so the clue was probably there already but, me being me,  I just didn’t ‘get’ it. Tekkers HoodieAnyway I love the fact I now know that ‘tekkers’ basically means technique, particularly when it comes to football although definition 2 in the link above was mighty interesting too!

Tekkers was founded by Wayne Rooney’s Sky One ‘Street Striker’ co-presenter and former soccer star, Andy Ansah. Andy is deemed to have come up with the word in the first place when describing footballers as having “Unbelievable Tekkers”. Tekkers is yet another of the clothing brands which is popular with ‘famous’ ladies including X Factor’s Tulisa Contostavlos, Angellica Bell and Sarah Cawood although it’s the brand’s association with  sporting legends like Wayne Rooney, Ronaldo, Ashley Cole and Rory McIlroy which makes it so popular with blokes. You can see Tekkers’ high quality hoodies, vests and tees here at www.tekkers.co.uk

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