The Journey Home – Part One

Bangrak Pier

Whenever we go on holidays or short breaks we like to make ‘the journey’ part of the whole adventure.

Some people hate the whole travelling to and from a place thing and the subsequent stress ends up ruining the beginning and end of their holidays. I always make sure I’ve got a choice of good things to read, research what films will be available on the flight, have a few Sudoku to hand and plenty of nibbles ‘just in case’. Yesterday’s ‘just in case’ was a family pack of Maltesers which Mr. C and I polished off in less than 30 minutes. No wonder we put on more than our fair share of pounds on holidays!Samui airport

Our journey from Thailand was a tad protracted because coordinating the timings of the ferry, domestic flight and international flight wasn’t as simple as we would have liked. Still as I said, we count the journey as part of the holiday so weren’t too bothered.

  • Open-air Taxi to Thong Sala for the ferry was a breeze.
  • Ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui all done and dusted in 40 minutes in typical Thai ‘hyper-efficient’ style. I’ve honestly never seen ferries loaded and unloaded so quickly in my life.
  • Domestic flight with Bangkok Airways couldn’t have been better.

I’d read that Samui Airport is ‘one of the most beautiful airports in the world’ and it’s true! All fresh flowers, plants, open-air and an esplanade of tempting shops. Anyway I digress … When we went to Bag Drop they asked us if we wanted to go on the earlier flight so we actually got to Bangkok an hour before we expected. Lovely comfy seats and a hot meal on-board and free drinks and nibbles whilst waiting at the Gate to be called through for boarding. Our bags were there within minutes of landing so all good so far.

U-Tiny Hotel Bangkok airport

  • Tiny bit of a hitch waiting for the free shuttle to take us from the airport in Bangkok to the U-Tiny hotel for our stopover.

It took a bit longer than we thought to arrive and I nearly had one of my ‘I’m too hot’ meltdowns. No full-on fainting this time though as I just sat on the floor to avoid embarassing Mr. C.

  • Anyway the taxi arrived and within 20 minutes we were being checked-in at the lovely-looking boutique hotel.

As seems to be the custom here we were brought some welcome chilled damp flannels to cool us down and a couple of cold drinks before being shown our huge, modern room for the night.U-Tiny hotel pool Thailand

We were given pool towels so we could take advantage of the pool – a pool which incidentally lights up with all twinkly stars as dusk falls! We ate at the hotel that night for convenience’ sake as much as anything else. Freshly-cooked food and nice cold beers – perfect. A  good night’s sleep in a spotlessly clean room, free breakfast and complimentary shuttle to the airport for the main leg of the journey – Bangkok to London.

Bit of a theme here don’t you think?  Everything running smoothly, all fine and dandy, hunky-dory etc. etc……?

So, over to Mr. C (a seasoned traveller to over 70 different countries) to relay the rest of the debacle….. (read the next blog!)

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Koh Phangan


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