The Julie Dodsworth Bath and Body Collection

Julie Dodsworth Bath and Body CollectionYou all know how much of a fan I am of Wax Lyrical already, but they’ve excelled themselves with their new Julie Dodsworth Bath & Body Collection.

I have just started using the Body & Hand Lotion and I just love the fragrance which is called Floral Romance. It’s flowery but not in an overpowering way – I get rose & vanilla more than anything. I don’t know whether the edge has been taken off the floral perfume by the addition of Clove Leaf Oil which I spotted in the list of ingredients. What do I know, eh?

I used the Julie Dodsworth Body and Hand Wash from Wax Lyrical this morning again in the shower and then used the Body Lotion when I got out. It was easily absorbed and really did leave my skin feeling soft and kind of velvety. Would that be the Shea Butter? All day I’ve been getting hints of the lovely scent everytime I move! And of course the other great thing about the Julie Dodsworth Bath & Body Collection is that thWax Lyrical Candleey are all free from parabens and sulphates and not tested on animals either!

The range is available in lots of different fragrances – so something for everyone I suppose. The New England sounds good to me. Less sure about the Rose Cottage as it contains patchouli oil which I’m not a fan of. Orchard Rd sounds like quite a good bet too.

Ps: I love the Wax Lyrical candles too!



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