Where To Go On Holidays?

St Julian's Malta

Kos HolidayMr. C and I have been talking for months about booking a holiday for this year but we simply can’t quite agree on where to go.

For that matter, we can’t even decide what sort of holiday to go for. If money was no object then it would be dead easy . But we are in a similar position to most of you, there’s only so much time we can take off work and there’s a limited budget too.

It’s a big Wedding Anniversary this year for us and as we got married in New York, we’d love to go back there for a little holiday. The problem is we got married just before Christmas which everyone knows is one of the most expensive times to visit New York. If we did go for New York though, it would kind of be easy enough as we would definitely book our hotels and flights independently online as that would almost definitely be the cheapest option.

Aegean Village Kardamena KosThe thing is we have a shed-load of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers which would save us almost £1200 off a holiday if we used them but we’d have to go for 7 days. As I’ve done New York once, I wouldn’t necessarily want 7 days there so then we were wondering if we could tag one of our favourite destinations, Vegas onto it so 3 nights New York and 4 nights Vegas or vice versa. We need to make a call really to Tesco to find out the costs of that option.

We’ve also been thinking of going to Sri Lanka again as we had an absolutely amazing holiday there a few years back. We went with Virgin on a half-board basis to a lovely hotel called The Royal Palms in Kalutara. Royal Palms HotelWe loved the Sri Lankan people, so polite and even-tempered and the weather was just about perfect. Hot but not too hot if you know what I mean. The food was superb and the various cocktails (I think we tried most of them!) were pretty good too. At the end of the week we had a fairly hefty drinks bill though which brings me onto our next holiday thought….

All Inclusive Holiday?

Should we go the all-inclusive route again as we have done a few times already? One all-inclusive holiday to Crete  with First Choice  was particularly memorable although it was a tad hot for me at the time we went. Everything was included from lunchtime crepes and snacks to drinks of all kinds. We got to know one of the bar-men very well and we must have tried every cocktail under-the-sun there. Creta Panorama First ChoiceAnd best thing about it was that there was no scary ‘extras’ bill at the end of it. The food in the main restaurants was varied and at the end of that holiday we both said that we’d go back there again in a shot if we could.

Going to a hotel that’s off the beaten track then doing the all-inclusive thing is probably our best option but we often think that if you’re near beach bars and a main town, then it’s nicer to perhaps go half-board or just B&B so you can get out and experience the real atmosphere and try out local restaurants.

St Julians Malta First ChoiceAnyway we are still no closer to making a decision on where to go on holiday as we’re now battling with the ‘Do we go somewhere we know and love?’ or ‘Do we go somewhere new?’. Shall we just book an package holiday all-inclusive to Croatia or The Italian Lakes, where we’ve never been? Or do our own city break in New York and/or Vegas? Or go back to Sri Lanka? Another consideration is that I’ve never been to Malta and as one of our daughters will be on placement in a hospital in Gozo for the Summer, that also looks like a good option too. Oh no, we really are rubbish at making our minds up! Help!!

Mrs C
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