A Few Random Xmas Gift Ideas

Don't Say It

Thought I’d share a couple of ideas for Christmas pressies with you……

New to me is the classic game PERUDO – a classic Peruvian dice game which will make liars of everyone!  Apparently Stephen Fry has called this game the second most addictive thing to come out of South America! Perudo is a brilliant after dinner party game, a drinking game for adults, or just good clean fun for all the family.
Don't Say It
DON’T SAY IT! is a game which families everywhere will love too. It’s a game for two or more teams of players aged 6+ years where a slip of the tongue can lose the game!  Players pit their wits against an electronic timer to get their team to guess a word without being able to say any of the associated words.  e.g. Can you get your team to say ‘pig’ without saying ‘sausage’ ‘bacon’ or ‘sty’? You can buy both games from www.paul-lamond.com.

New Scrabble Trickster introduces a new dimension to the perennially popular word game. Just like Scrabble Original you combine letters on your rack to score points by connecting them to words on the board. But with the Trickster version if you  play your word across a Trick square you have carte blanche to break a rule. You might want to use a Proper Noun or spell a word backwards.Who knows but playing this version, the world is your lobster!

The Hotel Chocolat Ultimate Advent Calendar and their Christmas Wreath are worth a look as is most of the stuff in this delectably delicious shop. Hotel Chocolat online is useful but if you live near a shop just go in and breath in deeply a few times. You’ll get a few odd looks but it is so worth it. The shop smells so edible. My personal favourite is the Liquid Chocolate Aztec Chilli flavour – it makes the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

If you have any babies or toddlers to buy for this year, then you can’t go far wrong with the Soft Miffy Playhouse . Miffy bits and bobs abound at MiffyShop.co.uk and you’ll be bound to find something for the Under Fives in your family there.

Easy-peasy things to buy….. in brief:
Pantone bits and bobs – stylish, simple and impossible not to like. I love the mugs.
Anything from Green & Blacks, Godiva or Hotel Chocolat – It’s chocolate! What’s not to like?
Baylis and Harding – their coconut & lime hand lotion is the best ever
Spa vouchers – most ladies like a facial, a massage or a manicure
Radox Christmas Gift Sets – middle of the road perhaps but everyone likes a nice-scented bath

Cafepress.co.uk, John Lewis,  TheTravellingSouk.com, BaylisandHarding.com, ThePenShop.co.uk, NotYourAveragePen.com and OxfamUnwrapped.com are some of the sites well worth taking a look at.

Mrs. C
November 2010

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