Comvita Radiance Plus Moisturiser – Brilliant Stuff!

Comvita Radiance Plus Moisturiser is a really lovely moisturiser which you’re meant to use at night after cleansing and toning.

I’ve never been one for toning so Comvita Radiance Plus Moisturiserin my case I use it after taking my make-up off every night. I haven’t tried using it in the daytime yet but I’m tempted to, as it doesn’t seem at all greasy to me like many of the night-time creams and it really does make my skin look good. It’s meant to reveal ‘a brighter, more translucent complexion’ and although I’m not entirely sure about the ‘translucent’ bit, my skin does feel a bit brighter.

The Radiance Plus Moisturiser contains Comvita®’s clinically researched HUNI®XA Manuka honey. This weird & wonderful ingredient apparently supports the skin’s natural elasticity and can help to delay the signs of ageing. Well it would be wonderful if it did live up to its claim but I personally don’t take the blurbs and claims on any beauty products’ packaging all that seriously. I know I like this moisturiser and I don’t really know why. It sinks in well, has a lovely texture, smells good and seems to do the business. MyPure where I bought this moisturiser, always has really good offers and bonus products when you buy, so it’s defintely worth taking a look

What more can I say except don’t forget that everything sold by mypure is sulfate free, paraben free & phthalate free. And we all love beauty products without all the added nasties, don’t we?
Mrs. C

June 16 2011

Mrs C
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