The Aegean Village in Kos

Aegean Village

The Aegean VillageWe had a lovely holiday in July at The Aegean Village  in Kardamena in Kos.

The place was absolutely immaculate and our rooms had fab views right over the complex, the beach and the sea beyond. We all had lovely big balconies too – a great bonus! The rooms were much more luxurious than your average ‘resort’ hotel rooms and were amongst the best we’d ever stayed in on a package holiday. In fact Thomson did a cracking job from the start of our flight from Cardiff to the amazingly quick hassle-free transfer from the airport to the resort. James, the rep, was brilliant too. Easy-going with plenty of the right sort of information and not one of those irritating ‘in-your-face’ people who often seem to be reps!

Anyway, I digress……Our rooms were high up on the hillside but there were mini-buses running an almost constant loop there and we never waited more than a few minutes for a bus to take us back up to our rooms after a long day lazily swimming, sunbathing and reading by the pool in the sunshine. We always started the day with good intentions and would walk down from our room to the restaurant for breakfast but most of the time it was so hot that we simply got in the mini-bus.

The Aegean Village at nightThe breakfasts were brilliant – loads of lovely pastries and pancakes for me and cooked stuff for Mr. C. To be honest though I wasn’t all that blown away by the main courses at dinner. The selection of starters was excellent and the Tsatsiki was to die for. It’s got to be said we all had it virtually every night and have never tasted better. The mains were, I felt anyway, a bit ‘sloppy’ but were always hot and tasty. There were loads of desserts to choose from every night varying from the sweetest and most calorific of chocolatey puddings through delicious ice-creams to simple bowls of fresh cherries.

a room at The Aegean VillageThe pool was lovely and clean and there were always plenty of sunbeds and parasols. Even down on the beach sunbeds were plentiful but there was a small charge of 3 Euros down there. A small price to pay for a quiet, sandy beach and lovely clear sea.

One of the things that narked me a bit was the insistence that drinks had to be paid for there and then. Usually when we’re on holidays, we keep a running ‘tab’ and then pay by card when we check out. Here we had to quite literally pay with cash every time we wanted a drink. Annoying to say the least. Another thing that narked me was some of the Crawford family on holidaythe music constantly playing around the pool. At a bearable volume most of the day, the decibels rose considerably when any of the ‘Animators’ took up the mike to ask us to join in ‘Stretching With Kitty’ or ‘Darts with Manuel’ or ‘Beach Wolleyball’ (Not a typo!) or ‘WaterPolo with Giuseppe’. Not being a family that needs other people to help us amuse ourselves, the Animation Team didn’t get much joy with us though we could see that they were doing a pretty good job. The Evening Entertainment was all in the Pool Bar and we all enjoyed the Music Quiz Night even if we didn’t win or even come in the top three!

The Aegean Village is near Kardamena and we walked along the beach there a Aegean Village signfew times. It’s a bustling little place full of shops and bars and is very popular with the youngsters. We found that the harbour-side restaurants and bars were significantly nicer and less tacky than the noisy ones on the main strip. Drinking cocktails at sunset looking out over the sea has a good feel doesn’t it!

If you asked all of our family, we’d all say we’d go back to The Aegean Village tomorrow if we could and I don’t think you can get a better endorsement really!

(Also Matthew liked the ‘Animators’ so much, he’s actually applied for a job to join them next season!)

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