Gwdihw Lip Balm

Gwdihw Lip BalmI’m forever trying out new Lip Balms as are my three daughters and when I find a new good one it comes everywhere with me.


I’ve just bought a Gwdihw Orange & Lemon Lip Balm from MyPure which I’m really happy with. It smells and tastes delish and keeps my lips nice and soft for hours. And considering it’s such a quality product, it’s very inexpensive!

Sometimes I buy what I think is a perfect lip balm but it ends up having the opposite effect to what it’s supposed to and dries my lips out. I never get that with Gwdihw.
L'Occitane Fruit Delice Lip Balm

My other favourite lip balm is my L’Occitane Fruit Delice Lip Balm which feels very different to the Gwdihw one as its very creamy. Again this one smells really good and the cute little tin gives it a high-end luxury feel.

(Read how much I love the brilliant Gwdihw Nail Wizard too!

The Gwdihw website is well worth a visit by the way and in case you’re wondering Gwdih? pronounced “Goody Hoo” is the Welsh word for “owl”! You learn something new every day!



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