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In a nutshell, I'm a Mum to three gorgeous daughters and two step-sons who are gradually making their own lives and leaving Mr. C and I plenty of time to enjoy life just as a couple again. I'm a big fan of Afternoon Tea & Corrie and hate, with a vengeance, violence in films! I love reading 'proper' books though I concede that my birthday Kindle was brilliant on holidays. (Oh and I nearly forgot - I'm a Director of too!)
September 7, 2010 / / Travel, Holidays and Hotels

We’re off to Vegas in October with Virgin Holidays and can’t wait. You have no idea how much, I am looking forward to it. We’ve been a few times now…

September 6, 2010 / / Travel, Holidays and Hotels
September 1, 2010 / / Travel, Holidays and Hotels

If you ever get the opportunity to stay at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa, then jump at the chance. For starters it’s five star so virtually guaranteed excellence and secondly…

August 28, 2010 / / Travel, Holidays and Hotels

Last year Mr. C. wrote about the Sportage but try as I might I find it difficult to think of more than about 2 sentences I can say about any…

The Thumbs Up Rating Not Rated

June 14, 2010 / / Cardiff and Wales

The Champagne Bar
On Saturday we went out to The Champagne Bar in The Cardiff Thistle for lunch. Before you ask, this is not something we do routinely on Saturdays, it…

April 20, 2010 / / Rants and Raves

Stupid mouse….. stupid computer…. stupid wrist…. arm…. shoulder….. neck….. whatever!!
Yes, I’ve got a pain in my arm and hand and it’s a right pain in the neck.
RSI?  I don’t know. …

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