A Trip to Kerala in India

Kerala Citrus Holidays

So, we're off to Kerala in India tomorrow! I never thought I'd be writing that sentence.  It's definitely one off 'The Bucket List' for us and I'm really looking forward to it.When I saw the break advertised I reckon I was the most decisive I've ever been in my life.  No going to and from Trip Advisor, no checking the climate, none of the 'should we, should;t

The Journey Home – Part Two – The Long Haul

British Airways 777

Oh well, looks like Mrs C’s put me on the spot here.  Her reporting on all the brilliant bits of the Koh Phangan to Bangkok journey already make me very reminiscent and brimming with an urge to go somewhere really nice again - soon!Long-haul air travel isn’t - and never has been - one of my favourite pastimes, having spent many years working in places

The Journey Home – Part One

Bangrak Pier

Whenever we go on holidays or short breaks we like to make 'the journey' part of the whole adventure.Some people hate the whole travelling to and from a place thing and the subsequent stress ends up ruining the beginning and end of their holidays. I always make sure I've got a choice of good things to read, research what films will be available on the

Shoes Off In Thailand

​In Thailand your feet are considered dirty and aren’t welcome as party guests. That's why you'll often see rows of footwear sitting outside public places.  So, how can you be polite while your feet remain firmly attached to your legs?  There are 2 simple ‘don’ts’: 1. Don’t stick your feet out as you relax at a café table (or even worse – don’t put them on

Koh Phangan

We're having the time of our lives here in Thailand! What a place, Koh Phangan is and no, we don't mean the bit where the Full Moon Parties take place either. We've been to lots of very beautiful, all relatively peaceful beaches but they all seem to pale into comparison next to ours.The Secret Beach is not so very secret after all, it turns out. It