Route 66 – The Beginning

The start of Route 66

I don't particularly like driving. I just do it to get from A to B. Mr. C, on the other hand, enjoys it! So whenever we go visiting Daughter No. 1 up at the opposite end of the country in Aberdeen, he's more than happy to drive the entire journey himself. Mad, I know. Ok so I suppose you're wondering where I'm going with this?Well since I've

Chicago – The Windy City

The incredible Chicago Skyline

After a night spent on the outskirts of Detroit in the Hilton Garden Inn in Novi, it was time to venture even further west to Chicago.  The journey down through Michigan State was quite entertaining, with us marvelling at place names like Climax, in Kalamazoo County, Sprinkle, Springfield (about the fourth one of those since Cape Cod… and still no Homer Simpson!), Valparaiso and Gary.This was

Niagara Falls

We just had an overnighter at The Knight’s Inn in Liverpool, Syracuse and what a difference to the grubby Lamie’s in Hampton! Immaculately clean, a huge comfy bed and just as importantly for this stop, a laundry room for us to wash and dry our first week's worth of washing.We were on the road super-early after the carb-fest that is the complimentary breakfast in these

Agia Pelagia, Heraklion and more

View from Pela Mare over Agia Pelagia

Santorini had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye to the precipitous cliffs and azure waters and to board a ferry southwards to Heraklion and onwards to Agia Pelagia.  It’s only a two hour crossing on the fast ferry down to Crete and these Hellenic Seaways fast ferries are very comfortable, with airline type seating, a café bar, TV, good clean

Splendid Santorini

View from Imerovigli

Santorini conjures up lots of images of white stone, blue roof buildings perched precariously on precipitous cliffs overlooking a gigantic water-filled crater.So, we were excited about our forthcoming visit, especially as the reason for the visit was to be there for our daughter’s wedding in Santorini.  It was also going to be as part of a much bigger trip that was going to take in

My Daughter’s Wedding in Santorini

bride and groom Santorini

Ok so back last Summer, the only thing we had planned for this year was our 'travelling'. Little did we know that Scottish Mik would propose to oldest daughter Helena and they'd decide to hold their wedding in Santorini! What a treat! A wedding and honeymoon in one for them and a wedding and holiday in Santorini for us!From an engagement under a Christmas Tree in