Beyond the Blue Horizon

Sunset at Kohl's Phangan

So we've been here at the beach for a few days now and it's such a contrast to Bangkok. Where Bangkok was noisy, here is tranquil. Where Bangkok was full of traffic fumes and the usual unpleasant, if expected, smells, here the air you breathe feels clean and fresh, aided and abetted by the gentle sea breeze.  Two days in Bangkok was an assault on the

Busy Bangkok

After a couple of weeks back at home soaking up a bit of cold and wet British winter we're on the move again.  This time we're heading to sunny Thailand to brighten the spirit and simply unwind a bit.  The outbound flight was with British Airways and full marks for punctuality and service meaning we were away on time for the 11 hour trek to


Time moves on and so do we!  Today we're in a beautiful, but very cold Prague. We travelled down from Berlin by train, passing through the snow covered fields of southern Germany and then into the rocky river banks that the railway follows once it leaves Dresden and enters the Czech Republic.The first thing that hit me about Prague was how incredibly ornate and well


Our three days in Berlin just flew past.  It really was an eye opener for me though.I'm a bit embarrassed by my sketchy knowledge of European history. Although, if anywhere is going to spark an interest in the events of the last century then Berlin is it. We visited the Checkpoint Charlie museum and wandered around some of the areas around Potsdamerplatz, strolled through the

Amsterdam Day 2


Right now I'm sitting outside a cafe near Dam Square, Grolsch in hand, people watching and thinking about yesterday's visit to Anne Frank's House.People of all shapes and sizes, creed and colour are milling around and I can't help but wonder if any of them are feeling more anxious about their situation now that a certain racist, orange-faced, Shredded-Wheat haired objectionable buffoon is the Head Honcho

So We’re Taking a Year Out …

Santorini Greese

Ok so a New Year and a shed-load of exciting plans. (Silver Gap Year anyone?)Daughter 1 over at HelenasBlog  has announced she's getting married in Santorini in May and we're all ridiculously excited. I can't think of a more idyllic place in which to get married although Manhattan 2004 was pretty incredible for us if I remember rightly. Daughter 2, the increasingly-exhausted Junior Doctor, is