Was A Mars Bar Really Only 2p In 1973?

Was a Mars Bar really only 2p in 1973? And petrol - was that only 7p a litre?Some things do seem to have gone up disproportionately it's got to be said!House prices being one of those things. It was kind of assumed in the Eighties that you'd leave Uni and buy a house after your first year of work. Now it's so difficult for

Recent Likes and Dislikes

Just a few things I've liked and disliked over the past couple of months. I've Loved......Broadchurch and The Politician's Husband - both of which happened to feature David Tennant. Now I wasn't a fan of the old Dr. Who before but was massively impressed by his acting in both the series. Aldi Carino Provive Hairspray - This Aldi hairspray is the only one I have ever found to rival

My Fave Products At The Moment

There are so many lovely body lotions out there right now that it's really difficult to pick a favourite. But the SPAtopia Argan Oil Body Butter is so rich and creamy that it has to be one of the best on the market. It sinks in quite quickly which I like because it's a right pain when you apply body lotion after a shower only to

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I'd heard loads about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and couldn't wait to try it out. I started using the new 'regime' on a Thursday and by the Saturday 2 of my 3 daughters were using it too. (Daughter Number 3 would never use something I recommended on principle :)). I honestly don't think I could rave enough about this fantastic product!

I Love……

Right now I'm loving so many things but the weather's definitely not one of them!Australian Bush Flower Essences Replenishing Night Cream might be a right old mouthful to say but it's worth saying it and it's well worth buying it. It packs a powerful punch of moisture into your skin overnight but it doesn't make your skin feel all greasy and congested. It's my new

Tula Bags

I'm not usually a Bag Lady (so to speak) but I saw a really cute bag in John Lewis today and I suddenly 'got' the whole women & their handbags thing.My own collection of bags seems paltry compared to all the other women I know but that might well change.To be honest I'd never heard of Tula Bags until today although I am familiar with their big

Travelex Cash Passport – Avoid Avoid

When is a travel card not a travel card?  When it’s a Travelex Cash Passport!Why would ANYONE choose to use a Pre-Load Travel Card?  Come on, think about it!  If you were about to go off travelling around the world to far-flung and exotic locations, where beautiful scenery, breathtaking, heartstopping experiences and lifelong memories are there for the taking, you’d want a system whereby you