Premier Inn George Square Glasgow Revisited

Ok, so whose idea was it to go daughter visiting in the School Summer Holidays? That'll be me! Never again though although to be honest apart from the horrible choc-a-bloc motorways, the bits when we weren't in the car were brilliant!As usual we set off on the trek to Aberdeen at 5.30 am which meant we could be the other side of Birmingham for a

A Recipe for the Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holidays

It’s a commonly debated subject - the holiday.  What is a perfect holiday?  Does one even exist?We’ve been reading lots of articles recently about how, for some families, a holiday can be a fraught, even stressful time. There are often disagreements and even arguments over where to go and what to do, marring the pleasure that could be had from perhaps not trying too hard

Premier Inn Southampton

We’re quite the gadabouts really, aren’t we!  One month in Scotland, the next down on the South Coast.  That’s what comes of having offspring scattered all around the place.  It’s a reason (or excuse) to travel from one end of the country to another on a regular basis.Our latest venture took us to Southampton - the land of the cruise ship and…. hmm, I’ll have

A Glasgow Sleepover!

A few weeks back we went up to visit our eldest daughter in Aberdeen. Helena has been living and working in Aberdeen since she left Uni and loves it up there. Obviously I'm happy she's happy, has a great job, lovely boyfriend and all the rest but Aberdeen is flipping miles away so every visit is a trek and a half! Cardiff Airport doesn't offer flights

Driving from Cardiff to Aberdeen


Why oh why did daughter number one have to go and move all the way up to Scotland?!It's miles away!Lovely as it is up there (and it really is very lovely), it's one heck of a trek from Cardiff to Aberdeen. Flights to Edinburgh from Cardiff are easy enough to come by although not cheap but by the time you've added your car-hire and petrol

The Brighton Premier Inn (again!)

Brighton Pier

A couple of weeks ago I was meant to go to Brighton for a couple of days. The intention was to just chill, eat lots of good food and catch-up with my brother and his gorgeous kids. Well 'the best-laid plans of mice and men' and all that.......As most of my Twitter and Blog followers know I went into hospital for 10 days for pretty

An Overnighter At The Premier Inn Tonbridge

Tonbridge Premier Inn

A couple of weekends ago we had to go to Tonbridge overnight. It was very much a fleeting visit but because we needed to be there for very early in the morning and we live in Cardiff, it made sense to book a hotel for the night before.We genuinely didn't bother faffing around searching for 'best/cheapest hotels' on the various comparison sites. We just typed

Premier Inn Brighton City Centre

pebby beach brighton

Back in December we had to go to Brighton just for a quick overnighter to take the various nephews and nieces their Xmas presents. We didn't want to spend a fortune on a hotel room as it's an expensive enough time of year anyway but equally didn't want to impose on an over-excited and very full household - so we opted for the Premier Inn

Premier Inn – Our First Choice at Gatwick

Gatwick Premier Inn

That lovely time of the year, when we set off for our annual summer holiday, is one of the most exciting times in our calendar. I don't subscribe to the view that holidays are stressful.  After many months in the office I can switch off from the moment we close our front door. However, when you've got an early flight to catch, it can be a bit