Sportage revisited

Last post saw 'er indoors singing the merits to the Mum of the Kia Sportage.  Most of what she says I have to agree with, but for those who either know a little about it or want to know a little about it, here are my thoughts:I had the pleasure of driving the Sportage both last year and the year before.  It doesn't pretend to

Kia Sportage

Last year Mr. C. wrote about the Sportage but try as I might I find it difficult to think of more than about 2 sentences I can say about any car.Basically a car gets me from A to B and I don't really think about the car once I'm in it or to be honest before I get in it either.Yes I notice funky-looking cute

Thistle Hotel Cardiff

The Champagne Bar On Saturday we went out to The Champagne Bar in The Cardiff Thistle for lunch. Before you ask, this is not something we do routinely on Saturdays, it just happened to be 'my nearly birthday'. The real thing is tomorrow but Tuesdays, being workdays and schooldays, aren't ideal days to go out and celebrate really.I've got to say, I was well impressed with

Eurostar vs Heathrow

Having just devoured half a dozen bi-valve molluscs in the form of 'Rock Oysters' and washed them down with two glasses of the very best, I feel almost on top of the world. Or at least fairly close to it, as the Kent countryside, whizzing past at almost 200mph seems to signify.There is something very special about the whole St Pancras / Eurostar experience. I'm

Champagne and EuroStar

A few weekends ago we went off to Bruges for a weekend combining business with pleasure. After a stressful National Express coach journey down to London from Cardiff , we eventually arrived in St Pancras. Sending texts and emails is such a chore on the stupid flippin' iPhone. I absolutely hate it with avengeance....Anyway back to St Pancras... Last time we went to Brussels with