Text Santa Gift Cards

Text Santa

Apart from the few 'Bah Humbug' people out there, most of us like receiving exciting wrapped-up prezzies for Christmas and Gift Vouchers are also great for spending in the post-Xmas Sales. If you are going to buy Gift Cards for anyone this Christmas then it's well worth getting the Post Office special Text Santa Gift Cards.Not only would you be buying a great Christmas present

Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel

Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives

How lovely are Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories! I'm not the kind of person who would generally 'rave' about kitcheny stuff but I think I can make an exception for Joseph Joseph. Last week on an incredibly long drive up to Aberdeen to Cardiff we went into Westmorland Services (which has got to be the Best Motorway Services in the Uk and deserves a blog all of its

Remote Control Candles

remote control candles

Remote Control Candles - Well, whatever next? But hold on a minute, this ain't such a bad idea after all, what with conventional candles being the greatest cause of house fires in the UK and me having kittens every time Mrs C mentions the presence of a strange smell in the house.  I've found burning candles between two wooden bookshelves on a couple of occasions and

la-tweez Tweezers

Am loving the la-tweez Tweezers!Not only are the la-tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers very natty & nifty but they are also very effective tweezers too. Defined brows are really in right now so decent tweezers are a real must-have for us all. I've tried loads of diferent tweezers over the years and aside from one unbranded, cheap tweezers I bought years ago, most of them have been

Birthday Biscuits

Cupcakes & macaroons are soooo last year!  Birthday Biscuits - that's the way forward. It's Maddie's 21st this weekend and I was flicking through some recipe books looking for the most chocolatey, chocolate cake recipe I could find, when it struck me that I could make a load of fancy Chocolate Chip Cookies instead - way easier, a lot quicker & much more transportable for

A Unique Piece of Jewellery & A Fab Birthday Gift

Where to start when you're looking for original birthday gifts? Google and a zillion sites pop up - the vast majority of which are anything but full of original, unique presents.I had kind of come to the end of my tether when I happened upon Mi Jewellery. The site looks nothing special until you start clicking around and realise that it's possible to buy an